Peoples Sovereignty vs Impunity Inc.

In eight articles various cases are presened that aim to serve as tools of action for activists to use in their fight for justice against the systematic violation of human rights and other crimes committed by transnational corporations.

TNIViolations of human rights and the rights of peoples and nature have become inherent to transnational corporations’ operations and can only be equated with their growing economic and political power. What is more, these corporate violations have become systematic and corporations are certain of the impunity of their operations, which is becoming evident in an increasing number of areas of our lives, as corporations advance in the dispossession and appropriation of the commons. To confront all of this, popular resistance has become increasingly globalised and coordinated by linking up counterpowers opposing the most powerful corporations on the planet.

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ADES demands further investigation into the murder of Marcelo Rivera

Six years after the assassination of Marcelo Rivera, family members and environmental leaders of Cabañas continue to demand justice.   

ADES“We are outraged that after six years, families of people who worked for the welfare of Salvadoran society are not able to find truth" said Miguel Rivera a community member of San Isidro Cabañas and brother of Marcelo Rivera during a press conference at the Attorney General Office of El Salvador.

"What we are asking for is the truth, we are the relatives of Marcelo Rivera, Dora Sorto and Ramiro Rivera, environmentalists of San Isidro, Cabañas, and we want Attorney General Luis Martinez to work efficiently to find the masterminds who currently walk the streets free, with impunity... my brother was kidnapped and tortured before he was murdered... we want an in depth investigation that leads to charge the masterminds who ordered the murder of our friends and family" he added

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Time is running out for the Legislative Assembly to ratify food and water as basic human rights in El Salvador

 P. Cabezas 

Environmental organizations poised to have a ratification vote before the legislature dissolves on April 30th.

por miderecho al aguaAn open letter addressed to to president of El Salvador from the UN’s Special Rapporteurs on the Right to Water, Leo Heller, and Special Rapporteur on Food, Hila Lever, has become the latest salvo in a high profile campaign led by Salvadorean environmental organizations seeking to salvage a last minute deal to enshrine the rights to food and water in the constitution.  

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The water issue is thorny for the right wing in El Salvador: Interview with Lourdes Palacios

Gloria Silvia Orellana

 Translated from:

 The Environment Commission has had slow pace recognized Congresswoman Lourdes Palacios, fifth Secretary of the Legislative Assembly and member of the Environment and Climate Change Commission, a she evaluates the progress of the legislature that is about conclude.

"It has not been possible to advance discussion on issues that are critical to the Salvadoran population in areas such a as the General Water Law, Metal Mining, Solid Waste Management and Pesticides Convention. They touch many economic interests," she said.

- How is the discussion on the General Water Law progressing?

Unfortunately for ARENA to talk about water is a thorny issue. They always sought to privatize the resource, privatize services the National Water and Sewage Administration(ANDA) and  let the market set the price of this resource, leave to the whims of supply and demand.

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