Incoming Minister of the Environment confirms continuation of mining moratorium in El Salvador

Statement signals the posibility of achieving a mining prohibition during the tenure of incoming president Salvador Sanchez Ceren

by P. Cabezas

Incoming minister of the environment and natural resources Lina Pohl, announced at an international forum at the Central American University that her ministry will continue to support the mining moratorium that has taken place in El Salvador since 2008.   The announcement was made at a regional gathering of anti-mining activists in San Salvador organized by the Research Center on Investment and Commerce, a member organization of the National Roundtable against Metallic Mining, La Mesa.

During her speech Pohl acknowledged concerns often raised to oppose metal mining in El Salvador (population density, size of the territory and the precarious ecological balance of the country) to publicly state that she would honor a campaign promise made by president elect Salvador Sanchez Ceren to "maintain the current mining moratorium and to seek solutions to the environmental threats posed by over 48 mining projects located in the border with Honduras and Guatemala” during her term.

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Ángel Ibarra: “We will promote environmental sustainability in the country”

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Environmental leader Angel Ibarra, with a career spanning over twenty years working with initiatives in political ecology and environmental management, has been named the Vice Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, MARN during the upcoming  administration of Salvador Sanchez Ceren starting in June 2014 to 2019. 

Angel Ibarra, incoming Vice Minister of Environment"Until a few days ago I was not considering joining the public service as a member of the cabinet, but I accepted the proposal of President Sanchez Ceren; and this means more commitment, greater challenges and better delivery. I do not doubt that we will make a good working team with Minister Lina Pohl at MARN" he confessed.

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La Mesa: Our life will be at risk if metal mining projects are allowed


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Once again Salvadoran organizations organized under the National Roundtable against Metallic Mining took to the streets to reiterate their full rejection to metal mining in the country.  On this occasion members of la Mesa participated in a simultaneous activity with organizations in the United States, Canada and Australia targeting the offices of the World Bank(WB) to protest a multimillion dollar lawsuit that Canadian miner Pacific Rim launched against the Salvadoran government utilizing a commercial tribunal under its jurisdiction.

The organizers submitted a letter to the Bank endorsed by 300 organizations from 31 countries around the world. The letter asked "to review the role of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes(ICSID ) and determine if its role supports the mission of the BM to end poverty and promote sustainable economic development in countries of the global south."

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FMLN candidate Sanchez Ceren commits to not exploit metal mining

Environmental movement presented a set of proposals to the FMLN candidate asking for greater commitment on the issues.

Cristian Melendez, LA PRENSA GRAFICA

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The Movement of Victims Affected Climate Change and Corporations (MOVIAC) delivered a proposal to the presidential candidate of the FMLN, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, yesterday in San Isidro, Cabañas. The proposal asks the government to acquire a greater commitment not to allow the exploitation of metal mining in the country, particularly in the department of Cabañas.

The proposal, which was submitted by the MOVIAC, is supported by 10 NGOs. According to Ricardo Navarro, director of the Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology(CESTA) and one of the promoters of the proposal, was presented only to the FMLN slate because, "you are within two weeks of being elected and officially proclaimed President and Vice President”.

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