KAIROS Participatory Research with partners on Free, Prior and Informed Consent: CEIBA’s experience in Guatemala

Teresa Sanic and CEIBA

This report discusses general background on the mining conflict in Guatemala, the current social, economic and political state of the country, the community responses to mining megaprojects, the positive and negative impacts of mining concessions, the connection that Canada has to the mining industry in Guatemala, and recommendations.


Undermining the Land: the defense of community rights and the environment in Mexico

Project Newsletter

The value of gold has soared due to the recent financial crisis making it a very profitable industry. However, the extraction of these resources is a source of conflict among affected communities, organization that defend human rights, mining companies and public authorities. This report gives a voice to human rights defenders who are fighting for their right to land and a clean environment


Yes to life, no to mining! – Report Back Delegation to El Salvador

Anna Backmann and Christian Wimberger: CIR

People taking part in the delegation from the United States, Canada, France, and Germany together with workers of the organization ADES.

 El Salvador, November 2nd to 10th, 2015

As we step into Bernardo Belloso’s office in San Salvador on November 3rd, the numbers on a whiteboard catch our attention: 99%, 98%, and 99,25%. They are the results of referenda against mining held in El Salvador. Three municipalities have already voted NO – and almost unanimously so. Therefore the expectations for the referendum in Arcatao are high from the beginning. “Of course this time we want to reach 100%”, president of CRIPDES Bernando Belloso says, as if it were obvious.

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Resistance against the bloodsucker

*Oliver Ristau: Frankfurter Rundschau / Translation: Marina Bonetti

“No to mining. Yes to life”: after the mass, the priest stands above an anti-mining mural together with church servants and believers, waving. 


El Salvador is worried about environmental damages, and therefore bans the mining of raw materials. A Canadian company files a lawsuit before an international court of arbitration in Washington due to lost profits

Water is not supposed to be orange, not even in El Salvador. But, in the town of San Sebastian, in the Eastern part of the small Central American country, it is. Gustavo Blanco uses a stick to stir the water up the stream that has dyed in red the originally gray pebbles. It splashes idyllically, and that is all of nature's romance. The stream flows from an old gold mine, where Blanco’s father once worked – uphill, a few meters beyond the stream grow dense rows of corn.

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