Arcatao: the next municipality to hold a referendum on mining in El Salvador

Photos/translation: Marina Bonetti 

Citizens of the communities of Cicachuite, Cerro Grande, Teosinte, Chavarria, El Sitio, Los Rivera, Los Guardado, El Portillo, Los Alas, Los Orellana, Los Merino, El Pepeto, Gualsimaca, Las Vegas, and the town itself, all belonging to the Municipality of Arcatao, in the Department of Chalatenango, presented a package of signatures collected in their communities in order to ask the Municipal Council for the call of a public referendum that could declare this Municipality a “Mining-Free Territory”.

arcataoSix years after the implementation of an administrative freeze on processes related to mining by the Salvadoran Government, social organizations opposed to the mining industry are intensifying their national campaign to demand a permanent ban on mining activities.

Faced with the failure of the Legislative Assembly to apply a definitive ban at the national level, social organizations such as CRIPDES, CORDES, CCR, members of the Mesa Nacional Frente a la Mineria Metàlica (National Roundtable Against Metallic Mining) based in the department of Chalatenango, are leading a campaign for public referenda. These are intended to determine whether communities agree with the establishment of mineral extraction projects in their territory.

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IUDOP: 77% of the Salvadorean population asks for metal mining to be prohibited

Joakin Salazar - Colatino

"Total disagreement with metal mining" is the result of the poll conducted by the University Institute of Public Opinion (IUDOP) of the Central American University, Jose Simeon Cañas (UCA), which states that 77% of population believe that the Salvadoran State should permanently prohibit mining in El Salvador.

Download survey (in Spanish) here

The survey "Opinions and Perceptions toward Metallic Mining in El Salvador", seeks to give a voice to people who live in the 23 municipalities of the country where permits have been for the exploration for metallic mining have been extended.

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Social organizations demand the approval of Food Security Legislation in El Salvador

By Gloria Orellana, Colatino

Translated from:

wfdSocial organizations took to the streets of San Salvador to demand the adoption of a Law on Food Sovereignty and to ratify the constitutional reform to Article 69, to recognize the human rights to water and food.

The United Nations decreed that October cada16 commemorate "World Food Day" in order to raise awareness to the governments and peoples of the world on the problems of hunger, malnutrition and poverty that affect large groups of populations.

Doris Evangelista, from the Roundtable for Food Sovereignty, criticized the reluctance of right wing parties in the Legislature to approve the General Water Law and the Food Sovereignty.

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Resistance against metallic mining in El Salvador commemorates International Day Against Open Pit Mining

by Gloria Orellana

Translated from:

"We are here on this date to join millions of voices around the world in protest the mega mining projects" stated Vidalina Morales commemorating the international fight against transnational mining which causes misery and environmental pollution.

The theme of year's International Day was "Against Mega Mining and in Defence of Life and Water", a day that commemorated around the world to advocate for a world free of toxic chemicals causing the destruction of ecosystems, biological corridors and forests.

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