Social Organizations demand compliance with the Prohibition of Metal Mining

Gloria Silvia Orellana - Co Latino

2LEY MINERIA1"Two years after the Law on the Prohibition of Metal Mining was passed, its application is yet to be implemented," expressed Rodolfo Calles from CRIPDES / ACAFREMIN. Along with a group of environmental organizations, Calles demanded the government of President Nayib Bukele, to resume actions in this matter and give protection to the population affected by the metal mining industry. 

Among the specific requests of the organizations, UNES, ADES, CRIPDES and ACAFREMIN, there is the allocation of sufficient economic resources to execute various actions related to mine closures and for transforming the economic activities of artisanal miners (güiriceros). Finally, the organizations requested the drafting of regulations to apply the Law of Prohibition of Metallic Mining through different government institutions. 

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Marcelo's Legacy: The environmentalist who fought against metal mining in El Salvador

by Eduardo Barahona / Karla Rodas: Vanguardia

marcelo riveraEl Salvador is the first country in the world to ban metal mining in its entirety, in March, 2017; but who were the precursors of this victory?

It could be said that one of the biggest environmental victories in the world was won in a small country, which for many decades was classified as one of the environmentally worst, not knowing that within its lands there was a struggle to make it better. In 2017, the “pulgarcito”, as El Salvador is called, was recognized in every corner of the world for beating a large mining company, Oceana Gold / Pacific Rim.

Everything in this world has its genesis, and though it is true that the fight for the environment was a collective effort, we must recognize the heroes and heroines who gave their lives at a time of great threat, of metal mining, for our country. This journalistic writing is to remember Dora Sorto, Juan Durán, Ramiro Rivera, and Gustavo Marcelo Rivera, who were the first front line defenders in the department of Cabañas, El Salvador to plant the seeds for our fight and environmental defense.

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National Roundtable against Metal Mining Demands technical closure of mines and compensation for environmental damage

by Marvin Diaz: Gato Encerrado

gato mineriaThe Law that prohibits mining in El Salvador was approved more than two years ago. Along with the law, key measures that needed to be implemented, such as the technical closures of the abandoned mines and remediation measures for environmental damage, remain absent. The government of the FMLN (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front) had two years to enact these measures and it failed to do so. As such, the Roundtable against Metal Mining has asked the new government of Nayib Bukele to resume the actions still pending from the approval of the Metallic Mining Ban.

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National Roundtable against Metal Mining demands president Nayib Bukele to order the implementation of the Metal Mining Ban


san sebastianMembers of the National Roundtable against Metal Mining requested the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, to implement the Ban of Metal Mining, to address problems faced by mining affected communities in country.

"We ask President Nayib Bukele to order the implementation of the Law that prohibits Metal Mining. It is of the outmost importance to carry out environmental remediation processes and ensure the appropriate technical closures of the mines," said La Mesa in a statement.

They indicated that even though the Law was approved in March 2017, the provisions in the legislation have not been complied with to date.

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