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The Criminal Court of Appeals of Puno confirmed a sentence of 6 years in prison against the regional governor Walter Aduviri and the payment of civil reparations for S/2 millions of soles in favor of the State. 

The Criminal Court of Appeals of Puno confirmed the sentence of 6 years in prison against the regional governor of Puno, Walter Aduviri Calisaya. The court also declared unfounded the appeal filed by the defense of the former Aymara leader. Thus, confirming a previous ruling by the Puno Criminal Court and Supra-provincial Collegiate.  

Through Resolution No. 105 issued in August 26, 2019, the magistrates imposed effective custodial punishment on Aduviri for being a non-executive co-author of crimes against public peace in the form of disturbances. 


In May 2011, Aymara residents, led by former leader Aduviri, rejected mining concessions granted to the Santa Anan Sylver mining project owned by Vancourver based Bear Creek Mining. The Puno Court of Appeals is chaired by Oscar Fredy Ayestas Ardiles and integrated by Iván Víctor Arias Calvo and Roger Díaz Haytara. 

A group of followers of the regional political leader also attended yesterday's hearing while another group waited outside the court decision. 

After confirming the sentence, the judges also stated that Aduviri must pay the sum of 2 million soles as civil reparation in favor of the Peruvian State. The Attorney General's Office appealed the sentence, as they requested approximately 5 million soles from Aduviri. 

For his part Pablo Abdo, the defense lawyer of Aduviri, expressed that he will be filing an extraordinary appeal within the corresponding legal time. One of the arguments presented in the appeal stated that Aduviri should be judged as a community member according to ILO Convention 169. However, this argument was dismissed because the Aduviri has higher education and is fluent in the Aymara and Castilian language. 

Meanwhile, Aduviri’s followers questioned the ruling of the magistrates as a political decision. 


Translation: Giada Ferrucci

Translated from: https://larepublica.pe/resizer/5yE66a-nFMzzfPtC55_pr4IaSf4=/646x380/top/smart/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-gruporepublica.s3.amazonaws.com/public/YFDMAYZK7NH4RHW7DM47DNXJRM.jpg