Public Private Partnerships open the possibility of mining in El Salvador

We are concerned that the PPP law opens the door for approval of mining projects in the northern region of the country.  Our concerns are particularly fueled by the fact that approval for legislation to prohibit Metal Mining and the General Water Law, aimed at reversing environmental vulnerability and water scarcity, is still pending in parliament.

We believe that PPPs deepen neoliberal policies of privatization of public services that affect the economic, social and cultural rights of the Salvadoran population. We ask the Legislature that instead of enforcing programs proposed by the International Monetary Fund, they should approve laws that foster environmental sustainability such as the water protection laws, the prohibition of metal mining, and the ratification of Article 69 of the Constitution which establishes the right to water and food for all Salvadorans.


We reject the notion that private concessions are the solution to improve the delivery of services to the population. These services would be possible if El Salvador focuses on solving the issue of tax avoidance and evasion, and in adopting of a progressive tax system where those who have more pay more.  And, we call on the members of the Legislature to ensure respect for the sovereignty of our country.

There are several international treaties such as the Convention for the Conservation of Biodiversity of SICA, Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization ILO, 1992 Rio Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which recognize the right of people to participate and decide on the use that will be given to natural resources of their territories.  The Public Private Partnerships are nothing less than an affront to any possibility of building an economic development model based on sustainability.