The San Cristóbal mining company, the largest in Bolivia and a subsidiary of the Japanese group Sumitomo, reported that it has been in total isolation for two weeks since May 27, after having detected two COVID-19 infections among its workers.

As announced in a statement by the company, "as of Wednesday, May 27, the Toldos camp has passed a rigorous 14-day quarantine due to two cases of COVID-19, both asymptomatic and whose infections were external to the area of ​​operations".
The San Cristóbal mine had only been active for 11 days when it was forced into this second stoppage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The mining company had resumed operations on May 16, after having suspended them on March 27 as a result of the health emergency and the national quarantine declared to slow the advance of the pandemic.
The statement added that the isolation situation was communicated to the national authorities and ensured that San Cristóbal complies with all biosafety regulations.
Sumitomo's subsidiary, which exports all of its production of silver, zinc, and lead mineral concentrates, sold abroad in 2019 for nearly $ 2 billion, according to official statistics.
Toldos, the main camp of the farm, is located about 50 kilometers south of the famous Uyuni high plateau and about 550 kilometers south of La Paz.

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Translation: Giada Ferrucci