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Through his lawyers Walter Aduviri, the governor of the Puno region, criticized his deputy governor Agustín Luque. Aduviri expressed that Luque will be solely responsible for the region's failure. 

PUNO. The regional governor, Walter Aduviri Calisaya, criticized his deputy governor Agustín Luque, through his lawyers. Aduviri is currently imprisoned in the Yanamayo prison, serving six years in prison after being convicted of violence during the Aimarazo. 

Aduviri informed that he regrets having accepted Luque as part of the electoral formula in the elections. Instead of instituting the Collasuyo Plan, according to Aduviri, Luque opted for a personalist management style. This decision led him away from the program plan of the My Region movement, which brought Aduviri and Luque to power. 

The regional governor stated that Luque will be solely responsible for the region's failure. He added that the current administration is plagued by a series of anomalies for which media are not as critical as they were with him during his seven months and eight days of administration. “Concretely, his biggest frustration is that the people he brought to power now trample on his work plan. They wanted to handle things in their own way,” stated Aduviri through his lawyer Iván Arias Serrano.


Translation: Giada Ferrucci

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