What can you do to help.

  1. On the ground support. We are planning at least one public forum in each of the cities that Vidalina is visiting. For this we need your help to organise the forums.
  2. Logistical support. We need your time and ability to provide transport to move Vidalina to and from the airport, accommodation and to various venues and interviews.
  3. Putting Vidalina in contact with people or organisations that might be in a position of helping La Mesa in the future. This may include government agencies, parlamentarians, NGOs, companies, Unions, Church groups, etc.
  4. Facilitating interviews with the media (mainstream and alternative)
  5. Offering accommodation for Vidalina.
  6. Promoting the tour through your networks.
  7. Becoming a member of the La Mesa Australia support
  8. Applying pressure directly to the companies involved via letters, phone calls, interviews and shareholder activism.
  9. Supporting La Mesa's proposal for legislation that will ban mining in El Salvador.
  10. Attend a public information event. More details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/WaterNotGold?directed_target_id=0
  11. Share information with your friends (Sign up for our newsletter at www.stopesmining.org)
  12. Make a donation to help support this tour and/or support the anti-mining movement in El Salvador, in Australia you can make a donation through the Maritime Union of Australia. Details of the account are:


Account Details:  BSB 802-884

Account Number: 4626 (S2)

Name of Account:  La Mesa Tour Support