How to Participate

This is a general call for participants that may come from any region and any background and that may be interested in learning about El Salvador, although the focus is on involving individuals who are connected to related struggles internationally, such as the anti-fracking struggle, and Tar Sands pipeline struggle, the First Nations environmental rights struggle, and others. 

If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact:

  • Catie Johnston (United States)

U.S. El Salvador Sister Cities Co-Coordinator

(503) 7596-6341

  • René Guerra Salazar (Canada)

Executive Director, SalvAide

T: 613-233-6215 | F: 613-233-7375

Skype: salvaidecanada

Facebook: SalvAide


Cost to participate


In country expenses:                   $600


International Flight:                     $600-$900**


*Subject to change based on delegation size


**International flight is to be purchased by each delegate individually