Transnational mining company loses the battle, but the war continues.

Edgardo Ayala : IPS News

Environmental organizations are not dropping the guard in their fight against the operations of transnational mining corporation OceanaGold, which has just lost litigation against El Salvador but does not show any signs of giving up the extractive business in this Central American country.

"The threat has not disappeared yet, they (OceanaGold) continue their efforts to confuse people with the supposed advantages of mining," activist Vidalina Morales of the Economic and Social Development Association Santa Marta, one of the 11 organizations that make up the National Roundtable Against Metallic Mining - la Mesa, told IPS.

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PRESS RELEASE: Permanent Alert against Metallic Mining in El Salvador


On December 14, it will be 2 months since an ICSID Tribunal issued the arbitration award condemning Pacific Rim / Oceana Gold to pay the Salvadoran State $8 million US dollars in legal costs as a result the lawsuit filed by the transnational mining company 2009 against the government. The three arbitrators of the tribunal unanimously debased all arguments of the company and gave the reason to El Salvador.

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Alejandro Guevara: “It was the communities who built the resistance against metallic mining”

Gloria Orellana : CoLatino

alejandro"As relatives of the victims, we are still awaiting for justice to be made, and this event is to commemorate and recognize their lives," said Alejandro Guevara, at the seven anniversary mass and community event that honored the memory of environmentalists Marcelo Rivera, Dora Sorto, her unborn son (Enmanuel), and Ramiro Rivera.

The mass held at the community of La Trinidad, Sensuntepeque, Cabañas, brought together various non-governmental organizations, community members and relatives of the victims.

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Fifth referendum on mining is called in Cinquera, Cabañas

Alfredo Carias : Contrapunto 

Arcatao, San José las Flores, San Isidro Labrador and Nueva Trinidad in Chalatenango have already carried out referenda on mining.

Citizens of the municipality of Cinquera in the department of Cabañas were asked to participate in a public referendum, to be held in the next months, to give their opinion in favor or against metal mining within their territory.

Cinquera is located in a mountain region with a rich biological diversity and a history of organized resistance that developed during the armed conflict in the 80s. Strong reasons for communities, local government and environmental organizations to promote democratic initiatives, such as binding referenda, that lead to the creation of municipal ordinances to protect the environment and preserve their natural resources.  

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by Karen Hudlet : Equal Times

In October this year, the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) decided in favour of El Salvador in a case brought by the US mining company Pacific Rim Cayman (now part of the Australian-Canadian company Oceana Gold) regarding a dispute over the granting of a mining licence for the El Dorado mine, a gold-mining project in Cabañas, in the north east of this Central American country.

From the outset the mining project drew strong opposition from the local population, as well as from various representatives of civil society (both national and international) because of the potential negative impact the mining project could have, both environmentally and socially.

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Mining company delays complying with the ruling and reaches out to the government of Sanchez Ceren

Tomás Guevara / Washington correspondent  : El Diario de Hoy

The conflict between Pacific Rim mining, a subsidiary of the transnational Oceana Gold, could continue as the company not only has delayed payment of the $ 8 million compensation imposed last October 14 by the International Center for Arbitration (ICSID) In Washington, but it has initiated talks with representatives of the Salvadoran government in an attempt to obtain permission to exploit gold and silver in Cabañas.

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