Conservative candidate Carlos Calleja against mining in El Salvador

Translated from Ultima Hora

Carlos Calleja, the candidate to the presidency for the Republican Nationalist Alliance, ARENA party, considers himself to be a true environmentalist and has declared he is against mining in El Salvador.

He made the statements through his social media accounts. 

Last March 29th, deputies of the Legislative Assembly approved the Law Prohibiting Metallic Mining which prevent the exploration, extraction, exploitation and processing, whether open pit or underground, in Salvadorian territory.

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Cross border mining will be the next phase of the anti-mining struggle in El Salvador

Gloria Silvia Orellana - Diario CoLatino

"My mother was the daughter of miners and when I told her everything that happened here (in El Salvador) she told me that when her father finished working (in a mining project) the area was left deserted and the damaged, and the impacts are similar in any country of the world" said Teresa Garcia, a religious of the Assumption, who has worked for 31 years with the community in San José Las Flores, Chalatenango.

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OceanaGold announces it will stay in El Salvador despite prohibition

P. Cabezas

mesaMembers of the National Roundtable Against Metallic Mining demanded the immediate removal of Australian/Canadian OceanaGold mining company of El Salvador after the Attorney General's Office reported that the mining company Oceana Gold had paid the $ 8 million dollars awarded by the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment disputes, ICSID.

“After the Legislative Assembly approved a law prohibiting mining exploration and exploitation, it makes no sense to maintain a company like Minerales Torogoz, OceanaGold's subsidiary in El Salvador, whose sole mandate is gold exploitation.” said Vidalina Morales, president of the Santa Marta Economic Development Association, during a press conference.

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PRESS RELEASE: To the national and international public opinion

alianza contra la privatizacion

Social movements say: no to the privatization of water in El Salvador

We want to express our deep rejection of the "Integral Water Law" proposal presented in mid-June by the National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP) before the Legislative Assembly and supported by ARENA and other right-wing parties.

We consider that its contents are intended to implement a model of privatized management, where the priority for the use of water will be commercial above the human rights of people and nature. This proposal creates an autonomous authority where ANEP decides the fate of water in the country; it eliminates watershed based management and thus it virtually excludes community participation. The proposal eliminates the priority of supplying water the to the population, establishing a single permit for public and private users, with equal terms for all users and charging equal fees or fees for the use of water to all users regardless of whether for domestic or commercial consumption.

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In Mining-Affected Communities, Water Is Becoming More Precious Than Gold

By Jen Moore : MiningWatch Canada

Latin America is slowly winning the fight against the corporate assault of transnational Canadian mining companies

El Salvador made history last month when it became the first country to ban metal mining outright.

In what’s become a decade-long annual rite of spring, activists descend on Barrick Gold’s annual general meeting in Toronto April 25 to shine a light on the Canadian mining giant’s litany of abuses abroad. But this year the odds are slowly turning in the fight against the multi-pronged corporate assault of transnational mining companies.

Last month, El Salvador made history, becoming the first country to ban metal mining outright, after a World Bank tribunal rejected last October a US$250 million lawsuit launched against the government by Canadian-Australian miner OceanaGold. The suit, filed in 2009 by OceanaGold predecessor Pacific Rim, based in Vancouver, alleged loss of potential profits after the company failed to meet regulatory requirements to receive a mining permit.

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In El Salvador, a moment more precious than gold

By Andrés McKinley : NCR

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR, There are times in life when things come together, forces galvanize, pieces fall into place and processes take on a magical quality that keeps you wondering when the dream will end. That's what it felt like for those of us in the struggle against metallic mining, when legislators here finally found the political will to block an industry that threatened to rob this country of its future.

It was the most amazing week in the 12-year history of our struggle. And we owe much of the magic to the governor of a province called Nueva Vizcaya in the Philippines, on the other side of the world.

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