The water issue is thorny for the right wing in El Salvador: Interview with Lourdes Palacios

Gloria Silvia Orellana

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 The Environment Commission has had slow pace recognized Congresswoman Lourdes Palacios, fifth Secretary of the Legislative Assembly and member of the Environment and Climate Change Commission, a she evaluates the progress of the legislature that is about conclude.

"It has not been possible to advance discussion on issues that are critical to the Salvadoran population in areas such a as the General Water Law, Metal Mining, Solid Waste Management and Pesticides Convention. They touch many economic interests," she said.

- How is the discussion on the General Water Law progressing?

Unfortunately for ARENA to talk about water is a thorny issue. They always sought to privatize the resource, privatize services the National Water and Sewage Administration(ANDA) and  let the market set the price of this resource, leave to the whims of supply and demand.

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La Mesa launches "I vote against mining" campaign

By Ezequiel Barrera

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The National Round Table Against Mining is concerned that municipal and legislative assembly candidates appear to have no interest in environmental issues such as mining. 

mesaThe National Roundtable against Metallic Mining and other social, religious, ecological and research organizations spoke out against the lack of interest observed in the mayoral candidates and candidates to the to the legislative a council to pass a law banning all mining activity and develop municipal ordinances declaring the free mining towns.


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Murdered environmental activists remembered

P. Cabezas

Lack of protections and reparations for those affected by human rights violations in mining affected communities is regretful states the Human Rights Ombudsman of El Salvador.  

cabanas1Several hundred anti-mining activists from mining affected communities in Cabañas arrived at the San Salvador Cathedral this past Sunday to participate in a special service to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the murder of five environmental activists in Cabanas.    

“We are here to celebrate lives of those who died for their opposition to the El Dorado mining project” said Alejandro Guevara, an anti-mining activist from the community of La Maraña.  

“We also want to reiterate our demands that the Office of the Attorney General conducts a thorough investigation of the murders to find both material and intellectual authors of these crimes, that the government implements a law to prohibit metallic mining, and that OceanaGold leaves our territory” he continued.   

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El Salvador, violence and impunity

By Robin Oisín Llewellyn

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The bullets buried into the walls of the room within a foot of their intended victim, in El Salvador’s northern town of Ilobasco. After the attacker had fled unrecognized into the dusk, the phone rang: “Have there been any deaths in the house?

The female caller used an anonymous number and refused to give her name. This time Alejandro Guevara had been targeted: the anti-mining activist had been receiving threats by phone and text message in the weeks before the attack. On 8 October 2013, five days after the shooting, he told the press: “This is a plan that we have seen since 2009 ... the same method they used when they killed our colleagues. This is the same structure operating to persecute us; it reveals the forms of suppression used against the environmentalists working in opposition to mining projects in the municipality. This has been happening all along, but here it is uncovered.”

Guevara’s cousin was one of three environmentalists killed in 2009, and his daughter was injured in another of the attacks. All those killed had campaigned against the Canadian mining group Pacific Rim, which explored for gold at two locations in the department of Cabañas, but as yet no link between the deaths and mining has been investigated by the authorities.

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