Mining for Profits in International Tribunals - Updated

How transnational corporations use trade and investment treaties as powerful tools in disputes over oil, mining, and gas.

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By Sarah Anderson and Manuel Perez-Rocha

In the context of high global prices for natural resources, governments seeking to ensure that their people benefit fairly from these resources and do not suffer from environmentally harmful extractive projects are finding themselves increasingly at odds with transnational corporations.[i]

In these battles over resource rights, transnational companies are increasingly using a powerful and relatively new weapon – the right to sue governments in international arbitration tribunals granted under a complex web of free trade agreements (FTAs) and thousands of bilateral investment treaties (BITs).

This report explains the institutional framework that allows global firms to extract enormous profits in international arbitration tribunals. It then documents the increased use of these rights by transnational corporations involved in the oil, mining, and gas industries, particularly in Latin America.

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PRELIMINARY REPORT “Gold Mining and the Defense of Water in El Salvador”

“Gold Mining and the Defense of Water in El Salvador”

International Delegation to El Salvador, May 10-13, 2013

Preliminary Report

 May 22, 2013

 From May 10-13 2013, an international delegation from 12 countries representing 22 human rights, social justice and environmental non-profit organizations and advocates, along with academics, journalists, artists and grassroots activists, carried out a three day tour of El Salvador to examine experiences with gold mining operations and the defense of water.

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The tiny country of El Salvador is caught up in a David vs. Goliath battle as it struggles to defend the human right to water and the public health of its citizens.  Metallic mining projects would pose a significant threat to the already taxed water supplies of El Salvador, as well to the environment and public health in this densely populated country.

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El Salvdor Mining Update-WUWM

El Salvador Mining Update

Mitch Teich

LAKE EFFECT | APR 18, 2012

Jan Morrill is with the International Allies Against Metallic Mining in El Salvador. Steve Watrous lives in Milwaukee, and works with the Midwest Coalition Against Lethal Mining. You can find a link to our original interview about the future of a Wisconsin’s company’s Salvadoran gold mine here.

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